In 2020, The Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association  honored CuSalus with its annual Best Cabinet Hardware Product of 2020 Award for our CuSalus “E” product series introduction.  

The DPHA Product of Year Awards are presented annually at the Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Conference.

In 2011, CuSalus was honored to receive the a Nightingale award for the introduction of our “C” product series.  

Named in honor of Florence Nightingale, and initiated by Contract magazine’s editors and The Center for Health Design’s founders in 1990, the Nightingale Awards recognize products that are juried by seasoned healthcare design professionals and healthcare facility managers. The jury makes selections based on the product’s contribution to a healing environment, functionality, quality and durability, aesthetics and style, pricing, and innovation. 

The Nightingale Awards are presented at at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference.