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We handle what you can see.
Antibacterial Copper handles what you can’t see.

Introducing the only infection reduction protocol that does not require daily human intervention.

Add Cost-effective antibacterial copper to your environment by simply replacing frequently touched handles.


for excellence and innovation in healthcare product design that contribute to patient safety

Why Install Antimicrobial Copper

Just compare the cost of installing Antimicrobial copper to the cost of treating infections.  UK Study determines that…

In the U.S. alone, two million people acquire infections in hospitals each year resulting in nearly 100,000 deaths. Antimicrobial Copper kills the bacteria* that causes these infections

Antimicrobial Copper

Just compare the cost of installing Antimicrobial copper to the cost of treating infections. UK Study determines that installing Antimicrobial copper touch surfaces in a 20 bed ward cost the...

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Objective, Evidence-based Research Supports Using Cuverro V Antibacterial Copper Hardware as part of a comprehensive infection prevention protocol Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) affect two million people every year, resulting in...

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Use and Care of Cu+

Antimicrobial Copper alloys are solid, non-porous, and completely recyclable metals that can be bent, formed, stamped, joined, cut and fastened to create durable products such as I.V. poles, countertops, grab...

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EPA Registration

The copper alloy surface material has been shown to reduce microbial contamination, but it does not necessarily prevent cross-contamination. The use of a copper alloy surface is a supplement to...

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Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House of Charleston helps keep its house cleaner with CuSalus Handles, featuring CuVerro V Antibacterial Copper How effective are CuSalus Antibacterial Copper Touch Surfaces in reducing bacteria? How...

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“Hardware that does more than open doors”
There is a new weapon in the fight against the bacteria* that cause deadly infections – cabinet and door hardware made from CuVerro® EPA registered Antimicrobial Copper Alloys.

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