Custom and OEM

Antimicrobial Hardware Products

Enhance your brand's healthcare products with antimicrobial protection

The most unique segment of our business is leveraging our complete in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to design and manufacture OEM and custom products for our exploratory clients. CuSalus works with medical and office furniture manufactures to craft high functioning antimicrobial hardware pieces that add an extra level of safety to their products.

Develop safe hardware solutions for healthcare spaces

The world of healthcare design is about what will be best tomorrow.  What will be the safest design solution for patient, doctor, nurses and staff.  The CuSalus team prides itself in working with healthcare designers to create functional, antimicrobial hardware products that limit all parties exposure to life threatening bacteria and viruses.

Create bespoke antimicrobial designs for your special projects

CuSalus is also a trusted partner for creative commercial, hospitality and residential designers.  Our task is to craft their job specific designs into beautiful hardware that is both functional and continuously working to remove deadly pathogens from their special properties and private residences.

Craft a safer environment for retail customers

Retail design companies hire CuSalus to create stylish, bacteria killing handles, pulls and surfaces to help active brick and mortar stores better protect their customers and employees from infections bacteria and viruses.

CuSalus is a versatile partner

CuSalus understands that every manufacturing and design driven company has a vision of how their product or installation will look and function paired with a commitment that the health of their clients is paramount.

Please reach out to us if your product or project will benefit from a 100% US engineered and manufactured product that you have designed specifically for a special application that also kills 99.9 % of all bacteria and many dangerous viruses 24/7.

Let’s help you create an elegant solution to the centuries old problem of infectious bacteria and viruses.