Our Partners

After many years of independent laboratory testing, followed by additional rigorous testing under U.S. EPA approved protocols, 500 copper alloys (including brasses and bronzes) were registered as public health antimicrobial products by U.S. EPA on February 29, 2008.

In August of 2010, Colonial Bronze became an EPA registered antimicrobial copper producing establishment.  Colonial Bronze manufacturing its EPA approved products and distributes them under the CuSalus brand.  Our EPA Registration numbers are  85353-2 covering the CuSalus E product series and 85353-5 for the C series.

As an EPA approved manufactured of antimicrobial products, CuSalus must purchase its EPA approved copper based brass alloys from an EPA approved supplier of antimicrobial copper alloys.  Our partner metal supplier is CuVerro®.    CuVerro® received its EPA approval in 2009 and has worked with CuSalus and the EPA to craft copper alloys that kill 99.9% of all bacteria while offering color options that compliment today’s popular design styles.   CuVerro® then goes one step further by manufacturing all of its alloys with 100% recycled copper. CuVerro® is a special company that manufactures outstanding products is a sustainable fashion.

Metallurgy is a fast moving field and CuSalus is fortunate to have a strong working relationship with the passionate team at the Copper Development Association.  While CuSalus concentrates on designing and manufacturing functionally elegant hardware, the not-for-profit Copper Development Association is laser focused on discover, research, and apply new and old antimicrobial copper technologies to solve modern problems.  

The Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association, DPHA, was created to bring together the finest decorative plumbing and hardware manufactures, representatives and showrooms.  Its members believe that gathering together to improve their industry and individual knowledge helps their all their businesses improve and better support and serve their clients.  CuSalus’ parent company, Colonial Bronze is a founding member and our C.E.O., Jamie Gregg was DPHA’s second President.  Thank you DPHA.